I Have Discovered EDSA Shangri-la Hotel's Signature Scent!

Though my age is not yet qualified to be a Tito of Manila, I am already considering myself one since signs are evidently showing. Uh-oh! :) One manifestation I have noticed is instead of going out with friends, I prefer staying in my room, watching Netflix or Youtube videos, drinking a cup of my favorite milk tea. So Tito! HAHAHAHA.

Since 75% of my time is spent inside my room (if I don't have work or event for blog), I make sure that it would LOOK and SMELL like a hotel room. HAHA. By the way, this is not yet a room tour. We'll have a separate post for that. :) 

Before the popularity of the Oilbularyos, fragrance oils have already a special place in my heart. :) I remember that during 2014, there were no cheap oils available. I have to spend thousands of Pesos and travel in Manila to visit few stores offering it. :) Four years after, you could see oils used for humidifier, air purifier, diffuser, touch lamp oil warmer, candle oil burner, ANYWHERE. Some are also using oils such as roll-on oils for preventing and curing illnesses! For 70 pesos, you could now have a 15 ml bottle of fragrance oil! How time flies and things change! :) 


I thought I would be contented with these, but not. Every time I visit hotels, there are scents I know not coming from a humidifier or purifier. I could compare the scent to a perfume, but not that strong.

Through time, I discover that these hotels are using SPRAYS. So why are they using sprays over oils like most of our homes have? First, it is cost efficient. If they have 100 rooms, they would be purchasing 100 units of humidifiers that would consume electricity, have to clean the units and refill water and oil after 12 hours. Imagine how stressful that would be to maintenance personnel? Second, sprays could immediately be smelled while oils would take few minutes before the particles would be released in air. Lastly, it would be easier for them to overwhelm their customers. I remember the time when we were about to check out at Sofitel. The hallway smelled so good. Though it always was during our stay. I remember seeing a room attendant walking around. During that time, I had no idea. But come to think of it, he "might" have sprayed their signature scent because the hotel knew that customers would be checking out. They have to leave best impressions. :) Good marketing strategy, isn't it? :)

Since room is life (LOL), I tried finding home or room sprays. :) These are few of my favorites, with essential oils. :)

Why do I have different scents? My scent of the day depends on my mood. HAHA. Though, most of the time, I have good sleep with Aromaex Coffee beans scent. :) I pair it with vanilla candle in my Touch-lamp oil warmer. :) So relaxing! It transports me to a coffee shop. Perfect while writing a blog entry, script for shoot or reading books. :)

Few days ago while looking for another scent, a sales attendant at Zen Zest told me that this particular room scent is the scent used by Shangri-la Hotels. She even added that they are the manufacturer of the spray for the said hotel. I have been to EDSA Shangri-la, though it was just for a shoot. I can't remember their scent, to be honest. So my basis for judgment is if I will like the scent. I tried and fell inlove with it.  

Curious what scent is that? :)


The fresh, floral combination of sensual rose mixed with a hint of citrus and white musk will give your living space a feel of luxury and refined elegance.

Mmmm.......Rose petals, citrus plus musk! Favorite scents! That's why I easily fell inlove with it! :)   

To clear doubts if Shangri-la is using this scent, I did my research. Here's what I have found:

Based on this certain website, Scentair Philippines is the official scent provider of Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts Group. Aw. 

Can Scentair be under Zen Zest? I cannot find the answer. Let's look at the addresses.

Scentair Philippines' main office is located in Pasig, while Zest Zest is in Marikina. Aw.

Let's try to look at Scentair's Scent Catalogue. If the sales attendant is claiming Shangri-la is using this certain scent, there must be ROSE PETALS, ORANGE AND MUSK scent in the catalogue of Scentair.

Wooooo! There is almost an exact SCENT!! The characteristics are also the same. CRISP AND REFRESHING, FRESH AND CLEAN, PASSIONATE AND SENSUAL!! 

Could this be the answer? Or Zen Zest's Home Spray is an inspiration of Scentair PH's spray? What ever it be, I am enjoying my newly bought scent. :) They are actually the only room spray brand that fragrance could last up to more than 10 hours! Worth my money. :)

Don't know where these scents would lead me. :) 

By the way, how about you guys? What's your opinion?

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