The Face Shop's Buy One Take One Deal + Designing Eyebrow Pen Review

Calling all "Kilay is Life" Believers! The Face Shop PH is having their Buy 1 Get 1 Promo for eyebrow products! :) 

I got excited when I found out that Faceshop is having their BOGO deal. Though I already have good set of brows, I still have to fill in or highlight some areas. I tried a lot of eyebrow products: may it be pencil, retractable pen, gel, powder or browcara; I always end up with just using retractable pen. Aside from being lazy, brow pens are easier to apply and give more natural finish.
That's why I never hesitated to try The Faceshop's Designing Eyebrow Pen. :)

The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil

Mr. Pogi says:

Waterproof! I have tested this on back of my left hand when I was swatching shades. From the time I applied it up to the time I went home, the drawing (it faded a bit) is still there! Imagine how long lasting it is; better than relationship nowadays. Haha.

Shade 02

It is also easy to apply. If you are a beginner who wants to achieve #browgoals look, this could help you. The angled tip is just perfect for drawing arch and doing hair-like strokes. :) 

Shade 02 is good for people with hair color. It will compliment and highlight hair's vibrancy. For men, I still advise you to use the black gray one. The effect is more masculine and natural. 

Told you guys! I already have good set of brows. I just want to make these look cleaner and thicker. :)

With the price of 225 Pesos or 112.50 Pesos (BOGO) and quality you'd get, The Faceshop's Designing Eyebrow Pen is definitely a steal! :) 

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