Dasom Oil Control Cream 2 in 1: The Cream Dream for Oily Skin

For as low as P30.00, who could have known that there is such an affordable product that might be considered as a holy grail for us who have oily and combination skin type? Being a bit late in the game, I accidentally spotted this product while browsing along 7/11 and stumbled upon this beauty product. I was skeptical at first whether or not I should try it, not really knowing that DASOM Beauty Korea is an already established brand in the Philippines. So out of curiosity, I gave it a shot and tried it myself for over a month. And well over a month, the results are not what I expected it to do for my face, considering the incredibly affordable price, I highly believe that this truly deserves to be called the "dream cream." How so? You might ask.

Firstly, the Dasom Oil Control Cream is a 2 in 1 cream that will help in lessening excess oil in the face that causes acne, and will additionally provide a powdery matte finish and texture on the face, which is a sure definite go to cream if you need to look neat and fresh all throughout the day during a hot and humid day. 

Secondly, it comes at an affordable price, being sold and packed in a 4g sachet, the recommended pea-size application will approximately last you for a week or so, depending on the amount and frequency of your usage. But considering the price and effectiveness of the product, you couldn’t complain. 

And thirdly, it is FDA approved, paraben free, and made free from harmful chemicals.

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To further put it to the test, I conducted a wear test and wore it for 7 hours. The full details of my journey in testing this out are all documented in my vlog. And if you'd like to know more about my wear test and how it went, do watch my video review on my channel. But to make it short, I was amazed by how it worked on my skin.

In the end, the Dasom Oil Control Cream is a sure love for me. It's an affordable product that delivers more than you'd expect. A perfect cream to save you through a hectic day! Say goodbye to haggard looking oily skin!

Want to look matte and fresh all throughout the day? Do try this out! Here are official shops and on where to get it:

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