Makeup Terminologies

So for beginners who don't know any makeup term, this would be a great read for you!! :)

I will be using these terms for my tutorials and reviews so familiarize yourself with it.

(I don't own some of the contents and I just file them for easy reading. So thanks for everyone who contributed for this!! Cheers!! :) )


Antioxidant- substances (eg. Vitamins) that slow down, or prevent oxidation of other substances, (eg. skin cells)

Base/primer- a liquid used to prime your skin and pores for smoother application of foundation.

BB Cream- is a skincare/makeup hybrid that provides the hydration of a moisturizer, coverage of a light foundation and, in some cases, the sun protection of a sunscreen.

Blush - usually a peachy, or pinkish highlighter for cheek bones where you would naturally have "rosey" cheeks.

Bronzer- a "sun-kissed" tanning highlighter used to accentuate the face and add healthy summer glow.

Concealer- a denser liquid or cream, pigmented to hide stronger discolorations such as dark circles and acne.

Dewy- wetish, moist look. When light hits your face it looks glowy and kinda wetish on some areas

Dupe- a cheaper version of high end product but with same quality or effect. 

Foundation - a pigmented liquid or powder used for all over coverage, to smooth skin tone.

Hypo-allergenic – this means that tests have been conducted on this product and it has shown a low potential of causing an allergic reaction. This does not guarantee you will not react, you will still need to check specific ingredients if you are super sensitive.

Intensive- usually a word associated with skin treatments, for acne, or anti-aging products, dry skin etc..almost always associated with a "healing" or "repairing" type of product.

Matte - a finish which does not reflect light.
           -  solid and not as pigmented

Mineral makeup- more natural that other powders and makeup. doesn't clog pores and doesn't cause you to age earlier.

Moisturizer - a lotion or cream designed to add moisture, cell renew, etc to the face. To be used after cleansing and before makeup application.

Natural- when a product states it’s natural, it indicates that it has been made from ingredients acquired from nature. If you are looking for a product in it’s most natural state, look for products that are Certified Organic 

Non-comodegenic- indicates that the particular product will not clog pores, resulting in the production of comodones (white & black heads).

Original glow- would be a term used to show that it would have a more shimmery finish, rather then a matte finish.

Parabens- a commonly used compound in food and cosmetics. Basically, they increase the shelf life of products. Paraben’s are quite a controversial ingredient, and I think it’s up to one’s personal beliefs whether they wish to use products containing them or not.

Pigmented- very powdery and kinda glimmery sometimes.

Powder - a matte finish usually for liquid foundations to smooth and set makeup.

Shimmery- a finish which does reflect light.

SPF (Sun Protection Factor)- the number that follows this, indicates how long you can stay in the sun with protection from this product. Eg. If it takes 10 minutes for the sun to do damage to the skin, and Leslie has applied a product with an SPF 30, this product will offer her 30 x 10 minutes worth of protection. 

Swatch- a sample or a test of a product.

Toner - an astringent used to smooth and deep clean pores after regular cleansing.

T-Zone- is the part of your face that is made up of the forehead, nose, chin and area circling the mouth.


I will be updating this from time to time. :)

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