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LIFE AS A DJ: My dream of being in the media industry started when I became a junior announcer of 98.3 Radyo ng Malayang Cavitenio. I was just about 8-10 years old that time and called as "DJ Pizza". I am now an online DJ at TeeRadio: Ang Tambayang FM Mo. Angat sa Lahat, Kuha Mo? You can visit our site at or you listen to me every Monday-Friday, 8:00-10:00 A.M.  Good Morning TeeRadio! :) Soon, I want to try mainstream radio. Watch out for it! :)

LIFE AS A MODEL: I started my modeling career back in first year college when my school chose me to be part of their marketing campaign. I am actually a 200 pound boy during High school (story will be published soon here on my blog) and never imagined that I can be a model. But thanks to Letran for opening a new chapter in my life. I now a freelance model and who would have thought that an ugly pig can be model. Just believe, have determination and have faith in Him. :) 

(Sorry for the quality. :) ) So this is one of my samples as a model. I was at the most right. Look!! This was taken 4 years ago.  :) This serves as an application if you want to enter Letran and most of my high school mates have seen this in career fairs. I have few more shots but I don't want to show you because I don't like my look specially the solo ones. Let me explain PLEASE. :) Because I don't know the proper grooming and how to fix myself that time. HAHA. They have used this for 3 years and most of Letran froshies and students from other schools have seen this. Great exposure, isn't it??  :)

LIFE AS A GURU: Let's admit it. All of us have our imperfections. Every time I look at the mirror, I get disappointed 'coz I consider myself as UGLY up to the extent that I don't want looking at the mirror. As I have said, I used to be OBESE and due to wrong decisions (don't know what term would perfectly describe) I had bad encounters with cosmetics and also facial treatments causing me breakouts. From there, I researched and watched tutorials for proper grooming and using cosmetics for men. :) I really want to help people here especially men. I am not that expert but I will try my best to give you tutorials and reviews of the products I use with all honesty. Women are also welcome of course. :)

I will be accepting paid advertisements for product testing but it doesn't mean I will give the best review. It still depends on the product's quality and effect. :)

So here's for preference:

Close up of my face (no cosmetics or what)

  • Fair-medium complexion
  • Oily skin
  • I have problems with my dark circles
  • Braces :) 

So basically, I belong to normal people. HAHA. :)

Also for beginners, I will be posting terminologies we will use so you won't ask me for the meaning of the words anymore, such as dupe, swatch, pigmented, matte, dewy, shimmery and many more. :)

Here's the link guys!! :)

All written here are just my opinion. We all have different skin types and what suits me might not work on you or vice versa. 

LIFE OF AN EXTRAORDINARY PERSON: Each one of us is different. We are extraordinary. I am a fresh graduate of Communication Arts at Colegio de San Juan de Letran. :) At the moment, I still don't know what work I would be applying but I am enjoying as a part time DJ. :)

I really love blogging but all of my blogsite accounts were deleted since I think they're worthless. But that's the most stupid thing I did and I regret it. Anyway, I rarely find a blog all about men's fashion, hygiene and cosmetics here in the Philippines. So hopefully, this blog will be able to share knowledge, inspire and change readers like you. :)

I really wanted to blog in English but there would be blog entries in Tagalog for better understanding of our Kababayans. HAHA. :)

The rest about me is for you to find out. :)

Just follow me here. Add my facebook. follow me on Twitter. Contact me. Lets be friends!! :)


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