Adidas PH Store Online Review

Howdy? :)

I never thought I'll fall in love with kicks. Yes. All of a sudden, I've found myself lurking in a Facebook group of shoe lovers, and this 3-stripe brand caught my attention. :)

Today I am going to do a quick review about Adidas PH Online Store. :)

It had been weeks since I started my quest to look for a good quality pair, yet I can get it for a lower price. Meet ups nor online shops are not on my list since I am afraid to get a fake pair. Another choice would be outlet stores. But since these are quite far from my area, I still have to look for another. I was just really lucky that a member posted the Adidas PH site. I hurriedly browsed the site, and found a good deal. :)

There are a lot of choices to choose from. As long as it's a 3-stripe brand, it's there. :) For those who are wondering if they have physical store, unfortunately they don't have as of the moment. :) 

There are a lot of accepted payment options. Here's their list:
Part of online shopping (which I hate most) is the waiting game. Unlike physical stores where you get the items right away, online shopping will test your patience.

I got disappointed, at first. I had to call their CS line twice, just to process my order. Their 3-5 day promise of delivery was not fulfilled. Though I believe, it is always a case by case basis. So if you have plans on ordering to their site, the following day after placing your order, call their CS for them to process your order.

It took me 10 days just to get my order.

Day 1- Placed an order
Day 4- 1st Call to CS for an update
Day 6 (morning)- 2nd Call
Day 6 (night)- Received an email that my order was already shipped
Day 10- Received parcel

If you are thinking of buying a pair as gift, make sure you have placed your order 15 days ahead of the date. It is always better to be early, than late. :)

I'll be giving Adidas PH site a score of 4.5/5 ✓.

Beyond their slow delivery process, I am still satisfied with my new kicks. :) For the steal price I've got, adding no worries of the pair being fake, the site is commendable. I am still looking forward to buy a next pair. :)


hi! it's my first time ordering at the adidas online shop. when you mean, "placing an order", you mean after you paid also? since I don't have any credit cards, i used OTC option for payment. then is that the time I will call their cs? is it necessary? thank you!


Hello. Ano courier nila?

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