The Story Behind My Earring

I've always been hearing questions and statements like, "Why are you wearing an earring?", "What are you going to benefit from that earring?" and "You look like a good boy without an earring."

In conservative countries, like the Philippines, men wearing earring is like a taboo. It's not quite accepted by the majority. You can't wear this on formal occasions, or even at work.

I had my ear pierced in 2013. Until at this point, I don't have any regrets. :)

Actually, it wasn't on my list or I never dreamed of putting an accessory on my ear. In year 2013, there was this typhoon who devastated 30% of the country, including us.

Flash flood is not new in our area though. In my 23 years of existence, we have had experienced about more or less 5 floods. That recent incident gave us a chest-level of water and mud inside our house.

This earring is actually a symbol and reminder for me. After that typhoon, I promised myself that we will never experience that again. This earring is an expression for me to strive better. That in times of problems, I can stand out. When I'm in pain, I can survive. I am different than the rest, but who cares? :)

I don't know but after having this earring, we never experienced flash floods again. I don't have fear either. My room is now nested in a 3-floor high house. Haha.

I believe everyone has a story; Why he chooses to have a mickey mouse tattoo, why she has an ombre hair color, why a guy decides to have his hair long, why he chooses to leave you. HAHA.     

As a celebration for my uniqueness, I recently bought this mustache earring from Silverworks. :) Why mustache? Aside from I can't have mustache :P, this is my logo for Mr. Pogi Tips. :)

I trusted my ears to be pierced at Silverworks, and in my 3rd year, I'm still a proud Silverworks user. :) What I like most about Silverworks is that they offer affordable yet with quality jewelry. Not unlike other jewelry shops, all of my SW's earrings are still in good condition. Still looks brand new. Worth my penny. :)

I prefer steel than silver. I can't have silver jewelry since I'm acidic. It will easily get tarnished. So never give me silver stuff guys. Haha. :)

Silverworks deserves an AWESOME PERFECT POGI POINTS OF 5/5! 

With wide array of designs to choose from, I am still coming back to my first and trusted brand. :)

Top: Mogao Philippines

How about you? What's the story behind your uniqueness? :)


Dude, I read your post about a perfume and I a saw a bottle of Oceana blue. Someone gave me a bottle of that last Christmas and I'm obsessed with it. I was wondering where you got it from coz my bottle is almost empty haha. Is it available here in the phils? I can't seem to one online. Wish you could get back to me man. Thanks


Hi Lester! Thanks for dropping by. :) My bottle was sent from abroad. :) Upon searching, I don't think it's available locally. Your best solution is buying online. :)


"My room is now nested in a 3-floor high house. Haha."

That's the reason kung bakit di kana binabaha. hahaa


Pero hindi talaga na kami binabaha. Haha. :)


Gustong gusto ko yung humor at tone ng writing mo. Naks! haha Keep it up. No. 1 fan nyo po ako. haha

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