Best Deo Ever? Milcu Powder Review

Let's admit it, there are really days that we don't smell good. It feels there's something wrong with our sweat even if we already took bath. I don't know if it is because of the food we ate the night before or the weather condition. If those times happen, I usually had my Tawas crystals bought from a sari-sari store nearby to the rescue. But since it was so hassle and time consuming, I always ended up just using my favorite deodorant.

It was just recently I have discovered that my sister and brother are using this "special brand" for their children. Not sure if they have discussed about it. All I can remember is when my nephew was already mentioning how good this product is.  As a blogger who is ready to try anything, I gave it a shot. 


Milcu Deodorant Powder is derived from Tawas crystals, formulated to prevent and halt odor generated by perspiration in the underarm and feet. It's made of all natural ingredients and is fragrance free.


Sprinkle some Milcu powder on your palm or use the Magic Puff foam and apply evenly on your freshly cleansed, dry skin. You may sprinkle Milcu powder directly into your footwear to freshen them up or make a footbath and have a relaxing soak to clear up athletes’ foot.


Do not apply to broken skin. If irritation occurs, immediately rinse with water and discontinue use.


Potash Aum, Hydrated Magnesium Silicate

What’s in Milcu?

Milcu has been formulated with Potassium Alum or Potash Alum; mother earth’s pure mineral salts “Potassium Sulfate 12-Hydrate” commonly known as Tawas crystals. It has been widely used in Asia, Europe, and Latin America as an All Natural deodorant alternative for the feet and underarms.
Milcu is safe since it has

1. NO alcohol that burns or irritates the skin

2. NO perfume which leads to an unpleasant body odor

3. NO preservatives or ingredients that you can’t pronounce

4. NO emulsifiers or oils that clog up your pores

5. NO parabens (linked to breast cancer)

6. NO chemicals that may stain your clothes

There are 2 variants of Milcu Powder: one in plastic white bottle and one in powder container.

I prefer the one in powder container since it already has an applicator which is easier for me to evenly spread product on underarms. Though take note that this product is only intended for the underarms. You may use the one in bottle if you want to apply on feet.


I will have my favorite Axe deodorant first. I make sure it is dry before applying Milcu Powder. I only do this once a day, morning, before going to work.


This is I guess one of the most underrated deo brands for body odor! I've been using this for a month now and I can say I'm odor free! Even if I'll have a strenuous activity for the entire day because of work (including working out), I still won't have foul smell at night. I don't know what's the magic behind this product but honest to goodness, it is effective! :) We all know that my skin is also sensitive when it comes to products. Gladly I don't encounter issues while using it. :) Let me add that the white plastic bottle is only under 100 Pesos! :)

I am giving this AWESOME PRODUCT 5/5 Pogi Points! :) No need to ask if I will be repurchasing this since it is already part of my holy grail! :)   

Who else loves Milcu Powder? :)

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