Ideal for People With Eczema: Miine Konjac Sponge Review

Facial cleansing tools have not been included in my skin care routine ever since I had breakout while using a cleansing brush from a Korean brand. I'm pretty sure my skin got irritated because of its bristles. About 2 months ago, I have watched a Youtube video about the benefits of Konjac sponge. I got interested, but of all Watsons outlets I'd been to, no one has it. It was just this week that I finally had the chance to get a piece of this sought after tool. :) 

Konjac has been widely used across Eastern Asia for over 1500 years. It is made using the moisture-rich fibers from the root of konjac plant which is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This extra soft sponges are naturally alkaline to help maintain the optimal pH balance of the skin is perfect for daily cleansing.


Use it daily to gently exfoliate and purify the skin while stimulating blood flow and encouraging regeneration.


1. Before use, soak thoroughly for 3-5 minutes in warm water.

2. Gently massage face and decolletage in a circular motion.

3. After use, clean and rinse well. Hang by the string to dry thoroughly. Sterilize with boiling water one a week.

4. Use in place of cotton wool pads, washcloths or artificial sponges.  

Mr. Pogi Tips says

Unlike facial cleansing brush, Konjac sponge is so gentle on skin. It exfoliates without irritating my face. It is also 100% Natural that I don't need to worry about the chemicals in it. What I like most is you can use it daily and because it deeply cleanses skin, dirt and residues from cosmetics are washed off.  In Japan, beyond cleansing, this silky sponge is used to bathe babies. :) We all know that if it is approved by babies, it is absolutely suitable for all skin types. :)  

Just like what is indicated in their packaging, it is ideal for people with atopic skin disorders or eczema. I have read few blog reviews about this sponge and how this helped improve their skin condition. Though I can't assure you since I don't have any.

Though it must be replaced every month or discard when sponge starts to breakdown, for the price of 119 Pesos (available at Watsons stores nationwide), it is definitely worth buying and addition to skin care routine. :)

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