Just Fancy or Bang for the Buck? Fanxyrance Centeleaf Line | High-end K-beauty

Hey there! Have you ever considered trying out high-end Korean skin care products? If you are then this is for you! 

Strolling along the mall, be it SM or Ayala, or perhaps browsing along apps such as Sephora, Shopee, or Lazada, one can’t help but wonder whether high-end skin care products are a bang for the buck. In all honesty, I for one can’t help but ponder on this idea as well. Most especially the trendy ones that are mostly from Korea such as Nature Republic, Innisfree, the face shop, just to name a few, that have been on trend ever since people, vloggers, and influencers started raving about Korean skin care beauty products a couple of years back. Since then, multiple brands came about from low-end to high-end. One can definitely be lost in deciding which one to try first that will be effective and will be worth the price. 

And with this, I am delighted to have been given an opportunity to review this high-end Korean skincare brand called FANXYRANCE. From hand creams, facial moisturizers, to essence, the packaging of each product definitely screams high-end, not to mention that the cost of products ranges from P 1,000.00 - P3,000.00. And If you’re curious about the brand and the active ingredients behind it or if you want to know my verdict and my top favorites, I highly recommend you watch my full review that will be linked below. Here is the list of products that I reviewed and along with the legitimate Shopee shop links:

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