MOST Hyped Sublingual Glutathione Drink? Eirian Gluta Review

Looking for a different method in achieving that glow? Well if you are, perhaps you might consider giving Eirian Gluta a shot! As one of the most requested and suggested Gluta products from the comment section of my Youtube channel without a doubt, I definitely think for sure other influencers and or vloggers have already been raving about this. :)

At first glance, the packaging of Eirian Gluta kind of gives a feminine vibe, from the box and into each vial, for sure you’ll definitely feel like you’re drinking out from a bottle made for a princess. Haha. :) The packaging is very cute though, but in all honesty, for someone who regularly does Gluta drips and or push, perhaps you might want to consider trying this out. 

Why you might ask? Well basically, sublingual gluta drips work the same as any other modality of glutathione, the effects are the same as other brands that I’ve tried before and if you’d personally ask me, sublingual glutathione and Eirian in particular, is still more cost efficient compared to gluta drips and push. 

There are three main active ingredients in this product namely glutathione, vitamin c, and elastin. And a box of Eirian Gluta costs around P400-P700 which contains 7 vials of glutathione available, which on average, lasts for about a week depending on your usage, and need. It's a bit pricey but somewhat priced decent and acceptable. If you do want to give it a shot, here’s the links of legitimate Shopee shops of where to get it:

If you’re wondering about my experience with Eirian Gluta, do go and check out my full review linked below. :) Keep on glowing! :)

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