Eyelash Extensions For Men?: Asia's Lashes Review

After reading the blog post title, I know majority of you raised eyebrows. Haha. Yes. Eyelash extension is not that common in men here in the Philippines. But as we all know, as an adventurous type of person, who would say no to new experience? :)

I found this salon during boredom in a blog event. :) Since I still have an hour, I decided to try this out. :)

I am not gifted with many long lashes but still fortunate to have few with normal length. Therefore I am qualified for extensions. :)

#TIP: You have option to either use synthetic or human hair. If you have sensitive eyes, I suggest don't hesitate to spend on human hair. There were times that extensions needed to be removed since the customers had allergy with synthetic lashes.


I don't have any idea of what to expect during the application. I asked Ms. Shiela (specialist) and she said in most cases, patients feel stinging or burning sensation. But she assured me that it will fade after few minutes. I find it scary. HAHA. She was actually approachable and answered all my questions. :) I was quite annoying but I know she forgave me since I just wanted to divert my nervousness. :) She advised me not to open my eyes during the application. I tried my best and it worked! There was a little burning sensation but tolerable. I just realized that she was already done with my right lashes after asking my phone for documentation. I fell asleep. Hihi. :)

Left: without extension
Right: with extension

The procedure will take more or less 1 hour. So make sure you aren't in a hurry. :)


Tada! :) I love how natural the lashes look :) I don't look gay or like wearing false lashes. :) The length perfectly emphasize my eyes. :) According to Ms. Shiela, the extensions could last up to 1-2 months with proper care. :)

Here's a selfie with Ms. Shiela! :)

Mr. Pogi says

It's true that extensions for men may be a taboo for now here in the Philippines, but I believe in the near future, it will just be like an ordinary facial treatment. ;)

Asia's Lashes offers affordable extensions for everyone. I would like to commend them for providing quality service to people on a tight budget. I've seen Metrodeal promo of their services. You may check it out. :) They also have professional staff. I will definitely be going back. :)

I availed mine at Robinsons Place Imus. You may contact them if you want. :)

Asia's Lashes

Note: They have Manila branches. :)

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