HBC Haul and First Impression

I am an HBC user since 2012. Actually, this is one of the first brands I used before I started my blogging career. What makes my feet coming back to their store, is the affordability and quality in one. Yes. Their products are cheap but doesn't affect the quality of it.

You may read one of my favorite products of HBC here: Coron Adventure: What to Bring and What to Expect.

Here's my HBC mini haul I bought over the weekend. :)

1. Citrus Burst Bath Soap

This one is my favorite! :) This has similar scent to a known soap. :) Wanna know the price? 25 Pesos  (.50 cents Dollars) for 3 bars of soap. A bar could last up to 1 month of consecutive use. :) Steal, right? :)

2. Bleach and Ash Blonde Hair Coloring

I recently changed my hair color: from black to Ash blonde. Most all of people whom I encountered asked my hair color. So there, everyone it's Ash Blonde. :) Don't worry. I'll try to document how I apply next time. :)

3. HBC fragrance #6

As a fan of perfumes, I am quite happy that HBC has now its fragrance line. :)

 I bought this #6. Fragrance could last up to 12 hours. Amazing! :) 

4. Hortaleza Professional Vibrance Hair Wax

I am a Bench Wax user. When I saw this product, I could say that it's definitely a dupe. Same color, smell and consistency. I like it! :)

Is this Bench styling wax or Hortaleza vibrance wax? HAHA.

5. Natural Body Recipe Peppermint Foot Blush

I love how refreshing it feels after spraying this product on feet. Also perfect for those who have athlete's foot. :)

Tip: Try to blend evenly, the color might stained your bed sheet or socks. :)

6. Age Defense Cheek Blusher

I don't use blusher that often. But since it's on sale and I'm a compulsive buyer, I thought of keeping one. :) I might use this for my future blog entries. :)

Tip: For men out there, you should never use Pink or Red as a blusher. You may use Orange or Peach. These two shades look more natural. :)

I also got free pouch. Yey! My favorite color, green! :)

Mr. Pogi Tips says:

HBC never fails to amaze me. Their Filipino made products are must have! So before purchasing international brands, you may consider them first. It could be nice to appreciate and buy our own. We just don't benefit but also help. :)

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