My Home and Gadgets Review

Online shops are popular nowadays. Since there are products only available online and it's convenient, indeed a lot have already patronized this platform. 

I am a self-confessed online shop addict. I always find joy every time I discover legit and cool shops. Today I'll be sharing my newest one-stop online shop, My Home and Gadgets! :)

About My Home and Gadgets

My Home and Gadgets is an Online Gadget Store with affordable and quality gadgets to offer for businesses and consumers. Its mission is to provide people with unique and useful gadgets to be used for their daily activities and various occasions.

Days of Delivery

My Home and Gadgets shows 27 to 50 days product delivery. However, most of our deliveries come earlier than expected. The number of days shown is only the Estimated Maximum Number of Days we can deliver the product in case of unexpected, unwanted circumstances.

If you are wondering why you have to wait for 27-50 days just to get your order, it is because their products are coming directly from China. Cool! :) So if you are thinking to purchase here as a gift, you might order a month before. :)

How to Order:

1. Go to

2. Choose product/s you want to purchase.

Product description and Customer reviews are there! :)

3. Click add to cart. :)
4. Proceed to check out.

5. Fill up with your details.

6. After filling up with personal details, click Continue to Shipping method.

7. Review your details then click Continue to payment method.

7. Fill up with necessary details, click complete order.

8. Check out your email for order confirmation and sales receipt. :)


I got an email from them last December 22, 2016 and I immediately placed my order that day. Parcel was shipped to our house last January 17, 2017. The shipping only took 26 days. :) Clap. Clap. :) 

I love the product that I've got. :)  Look at the design and packaging! :) This can also be a perfect gift. :)

Mr. Pogi says:

Every time I see new online shop, I am always hesitant to try for it might be a scam or sell fake items. Fortunate that My Home and Gadgets exceeds my expectations. They have affordable yet quality products. I just hope days of delivery would be lessen. :) Btw, thank you Ms. Jeanny for introducing me this website. I will absolutely be purchasing my next item. 3D pen is on my list! :) 

My Home and Gadgets

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