Cheapest Effective Lip Balm: Petroleum Jelly

What is the best cosmetic product can you buy for 31 Pesos?

I know some of you will raise their eyebrows and think I'm insane for asking that question. We all know we can never have a good one for that price, or even at least a product.

Luckily, I was able to discover Petroleum Jelly as lip balm. It's not actually new to me, and I know for some. But, I really had hesitations in using this product. I will always remember this as treatment for minor burns and diaper rash not as a lip balm.

When I finally had courage to try, the testimonies of people who tried are true . I am amazed! :) Never thought I would get good results for that price. It prevented my lips from chapping and making them soft.

For complete review, kindly watch this video:

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