Mall Show + Nichido Matte Finish Make-Up Setting Spray First Impression

Hi guys! How are you all? :)

I don't know if this is an informal review but I am so excited to share how happy am I to discover a cheap yet effective setting spray, Nichido Matte Finish Make-up Setting Spray! :)

Matte Finish
Make-Up Setting Spray

It's lightweight, easy to use spray to keep your make-up fresh and stays longer.

To be used as a final touch after make-up application.


Hold the bottle 8-1 inches away from face. Close eyes and mist face 2-4 times.

-I have read and watched from other Youtubers that it's better to spray in generous amount to make your make-up lasts longer. :)


For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Do not use on injured or irritated skin.

This may be the cheapest setting spray available locally. How cheap is cheap? 288 Pesos for a 60ml spray bottle! :) 

I am hesitant to buy setting sprays since the cheapest one costs 500+ Pesos. Imagine a bottle of water for that price? Haha.

I tested its effectiveness during a mall show I hosted. Yes. A mall show where all lights are focused into my face. HAHA.

@Farmers Plaza Cubao Activity Center

Wew! jam-packed! Thank you everyone for coming. :)

Hosting a mall tour of GMA Records artist, Ms. Natalia Moon. :) 

The first thing I have noticed when I sprayed Nichido is that it made my face look and feel matte! :) Though, I don't like the smell. It reminds me of a salon's spray-net. Haha.

I had my application at 11 AM.

Here's a selfie during the event: 

Usually, my face starts to be oily after 3 hours. The picture was taken almost 6 hours (4:30 PM) after the application, all I can say is W-O-W! It did help control oil especially on my T-zone area. :)

Still lookin' fresh! :)

It took 7 hours before I needed to blot. It still looks perfectly fine. No need to retouch! :)

Oh! It's also paraben free! :)

I am now confident that I can have a long lasting make-up while my pocket is happy. It's definitely a steal! :)


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