Skin Potions Haul Part III

I don't know how would I thank you all. My Skin Potions review is now the top most searched on Google. Yey! Muchas Gracias mi amigos! :)  

Here's the link in case you haven't read it yet: Sin Potions Review. I can't get over my addiction with their products, that's why I have Skin Potions Review Part 2. :)

And now, I'm happy to announce, I will be doing my third haul for them. :)

1. Tomato Juice Serum

First on my list is of course, my all-time favorite, Tomato Serum! :) Here's the link of my review: Tomato Serum Review

"My first impression for Skin Potion's Tomato Serum was it smells good, comparable to a dried tomato candy. :) The consistency is also good, gel-type serum. What's even nicer is the price. It's just 280 pesos. Serum from known brands range from 800 Pesos to 4,000 Pesos. :)"

"What can I say? MAGIC! :) Why? It controls my oil for long hours. If I apply this in the morning (6 AM), top with powder, oil will build up at around 10-11 AM. Not bad right? :) I just have to use oil sheet and I'm fine. :) Before, I have to use oil sheet and put powder every 2 hours."

"I also notice that my pores shrinks after a week of using it. Yey! :) I am now achieving poreless look, literally without using BB cream or powder. :) No joke. :)"

2. Snow Fresh Essence

A powerful essence that will make your skin vibrant and plump. With anti-aging, fresh, whiter, brighter skin in an instant.

Essence is a concentrated oil that specifically targets fine lines, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and sagging skin.

On the first night of application, I already noticed that it tightened my face. It made my face feel and look firm the following days.

TIP (for men): It has shimmers/glitters so it is not advisable to wear this alone during the day. What I usually do is top this with powder and you're fine. It makes face look glowing and healthy. :)

ANOTHER TIP: It is best applied after toner and before serum or moisturizer. :)

3. Unicorn Rainbow Highlighter 

This is my first ever highlighter since I am not a fan. I haven't tried this yet so I will be giving my review as soon as I have tested the product. But upon doing swatch at their kiosk, I can say that it is pigmented! I'll just be reviewing how long will it stay on face.  :)

4. Milk Tint BB Cream

I am a BB cream fanatic. I love how natural it looks when applied on face. That's why when the sales attendant told me Skinpotions has their BB Cream, I never had doubts and availed one.

The smell is so tempting! Though I don't usually drink milk, this brings back memories of our childhood's favorite candy, Hawhaw. :)

What I like about their BB cream is that it is lightweight and gives medium coverage. It has a dewy finish but doesn't give a sticky feeling when touched. :)

Additional point is that it has SPF 30! No more need to apply for sunscreen. :)

They only have two available shades. Though it is perfectly matches my skin tone. :) 

Mr. Pogi Tips says:

I won't get tired of trying and purchasing their products as they won't stop exploring quality products to cater their avid customers. They always amaze me. :)

I will be doing separate detailed reviews of their products Which one do you like me to do first? :)

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