LOL Cosmetics Favorites! SO AFFORDABLE!

LOL Cosmetics is an affordable and high quality cosmetics brand from Australia with over 200 stalls in the Philippines.

I have tried few of their products and these are my favorites! :) 

1. Foundation Stick (Natural Beige #01)
Price: 199 Pesos

I don't use this as foundation for the whole face, instead this is a good alternative for concealer. The light to medium coverage can hide imperfections and good for everyday use. It's light weight that you're like not wearing concealer at all. Recommendable to a humid weather and upcoming Summer! :)

BEST FOR: dry to normal skin type since it has dewy effect on skin. :)

I somehow don't like the smell but upon application on face, smell subsides. :) 

LEFT: w/o RIGHT: with

Can you see how the product brighten the appearance of my left under-eye (right on picture)? :) 

2. Bronzing Powder (Brown Sugar #02)
Price: 179 Pesos

I am not a person who does contour. But when needed, during events and photo shoots, I ask help of Bronzing powder from LOL Cosmetics. Yes. Men can also do contour specially when you want to make your jaw or face looks smaller, like me! :) 

TIP: Bronzer should only be one to two shades darker than your skin tone, otherwise your face will look too orange or dirty.

The product is pigmented and can last up to 5-7 hours when blended properly! Though it is quite powdery, it is still perfect for beginners. You can easily blend this on face. :) 

3. Brow Pencil (Brown #02)
Price: 139 Pesos

I somehow already have good pair of eyebrows. But of course, there are parts I would want to highlight.

I thought that the product is not waterproof for its price, but I was wrong. HAHA. It is actually one of the most long wearing brow products I've used, once it has set.

For its price and quality, it's definitely a HOLY GRAIL! :)


LOL Cosmetics Foundation Stick (Natural Beige #01)
LOL Cosmetics Bronzing Powder (Brown Sugar #02)
LOL Cosmetics Brow Powder (Brwon #02)

Mr. Pogi Tips says:

LOL Cosmetics is one the most affordable yet has high quality products I've tried. They are like a gem waiting to be discovered. Sometimes, we under estimate products that are cheap not knowing it could compete with high end brands. I am fortunate to be a blogger and can explore the world of cosmetics and skincare products. This brand is definitely a must try! :)

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