European Brands Overhaul!

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We all know I love Korean skin care products and/or cosmetics. But since I found Catrice (Here's my Review for Catrice BB Cream), which is one of the best BB creams out there, I got curious with their other brands and products too. :)

Here are the products I bought. I got Essence UV base, Catrice Nude Illusion and Flormar Loose Powder. :) Of course I always take in consideration, when buying, my "No cosmetic look." :)

Flormar, Essence and Catrice in the Philippines are distributed by one company, according to the sales attendant. So correct me if she's wrong. Haha. :)

Flormar Loose Powder

This is my favorite loose powder so far. :)  Since I so love it, I bought 2 and will hoard more. :) The powder is so refined that it sets well on your pores. :) I don't have to retouch for hours, 8 hours? :)

Catrice Nude Illusion Make Up

I am not fond of Foundation since I believe it doesn't give "No cosmetic look" finish. It usually gives a white cast. Also, most of foundations don't have benefits unlike BB creams. So instead of buying foundation, I opt to buy BB Cream.

But who would say no to a 50% discount? Haha.

I use their BB Cream for months now, so I believed this has the same effect too.

Verdict? It controls oil, but feels heavy on face. It may seem that I am not wearing one, but after few minutes, it gives white cast on face. What's good is it gives an illusion of a filtered look, meaning it is like you use Camera 360, VSCO, Line Camera and other photoshop applications, in real life. Haha. Kidding aside, it covers pores, pimples and imperfections well.  :)

Essence UV Base

I have a lot of base/primers (as they call) stored in my cabinet. But what intrigued me and bought this aside from its price, is its promise of keeping your face oil-free at the same time colour free. Colour free? It is perfect for people who are acidic. If you are acidic, your cosmetics oxidize leaving your face another shade of colour. Usually, it turns darker than your skin tone.

I honestly not a primer user, but I agree that there are days when you needed one. :) I have used this base once, and it did help control oil making my BB cream stays longer. Of course, their promise of colour free is achieved.

So far, I am achieving my "No cosmetic look" with the help of these products. I am satisfied. :) I believe that hype is not over European brands, because they are more focused on the quality when you are wearing their products rather than giving you coverage at the same time benefits, just like Korean brands. But European brands are worth a try, too! :)

Which specific product do you want me to make a full review? Just comment below! :)

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