My Zalora Experience

I have mentioned on my last blog entry (Click Here) that I'll be trying to order at Zalora. Finally, I had the chance to shop from them. :)

Yes, it is not my first time to order at Zalora. I had my first experience 2 years ago, but that was not for personal use. It was a gift for my friend. So basically, this is my first hand experience ordering and receiving products from Zalora.

Lucky I was given a voucher, and tried to look for items I like. There are a lot of variety to choose from. Zalora is truly a one-stop shop, online. :) Take note: they have branded items too! :) Honestly, I had a hard time deciding for items I'll order not because I don't like their products, but because I would love to buy a lot! Hihi. :) What I ordered? My all-time favorite, P-U-L-L-O-V-E-R! :) It is indeed perfect for this kind of weather, isn't it? :)

After choosing the products I wanted, I then proceeded to check out. I filled up the needed information for delivery. I have seen Cash on Delivery or COD as a mode of payment, meaning you'll only pay for your order, once received. That's a good thing! :)

According to their email, I'll receive the parcel 5-7 days, since I am living in Cavite.

Not like any other online stores, you can track your order/s online thru Zalora's website. :) I checked mine at 1:19 AM the day I placed my order. It was indicated that my order was on the way to the hub.

The next day, my brother called me that the parcel was already waiting for me. I was totally AMAZED with Zalora's service. :) I just tracked the order hours ago, and I was not expecting it would be on my hands, on that day. :)



October 13, 2015 (4:16 PM) -placed an order
October 14, 2015 (1:19 AM) -tracked the order 
October 14, 2015 (11:20 AM)- received the order

I like how classy their packaging is. :)

 My name is also printed on the parcel. :) Added points! :)

So here are the items I ordered- the twin pack pullovers. :)

What I like about my experience is it's absolutely HASSLE FREE! :) Everything you wish for is just a click away. You can buy anytime, anywhere. :)

I also love the THRILL it gave me. :P

So here's a picture of me wearing one of the twin pullovers I got:

Tada! :)

Again, thank you Zalora, and to Ms. April. Till next time! I'll definitely be ordering again. :) 

Be thrilled and amazed, like me! Visit their site at :)


Thanks for dis article.this is so true.ive ordered several items from zalora and it continuously amazes me how fast they deliver.very impressed!love you Zalora.

Lazada Philippines