Nature Republic Part 2

Since I am enjoying my first batch of Nature Republic products (Here's my review), I went back to their SM North boutique to look for more holy grail. :)

Here are the products I bought:

Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Mist

As we all know, I do have combination skin so I tend not to use moisturizers nor mist. I don't know, but there is an assurance of breakout if  I use one of those. All these years, it was just a week ago that I have decided to give this mist a shot.

What's more appealing is that it can be sprayed from head to foot. So basically, this is the counterpart of their Aloe Vera Soothing Gel.

The sales attendant told that I can use this twice a day- morning, for setting make-up; and evening, after toner. In my case, I use this 3-4x a day. HAHA. Why? I am falling in love with this product. It gives a refreshing and hydrated look, but controls oil too! Perfect for those who want to have a matte look, like me. :)

The mist is concentrated when sprayed. I have to transfer it to another bottle. Glad I'd bought this travel spray bottle back then. :)

It could have been better if they have it in mist bottle. Nonetheless, I will re-purchase this. :)

Nature's Deco Cleansing Sponge

According to its packaging:

A bath sponge that gently removes impurities and dead skin cells without irritating your skin.

The texture of the sponge is like loofah or styrofoam.

Since it was my first time to use sponge for face, what I did was directly scrub it on face WITHOUT SOAKING IN WATER. Result? The feeling was like using a sand paper on face. Yes, I was excited. Haha. After that carelessness, I let the water be absorbed by the sponge. From a loofah-ish texture to a soft and bendable sponge! :) I then started putting facial wash, and gently rub the sponge on face. There was a harsh feeling at first, but I started to enjoy it later on! :) After rinsing, I noticed that my skin felt smooth, and did glow. :)

This will definitely be included on my daily routine. :)

Concealer brush

Concealer is a must during days when I don't have enough sleep, especially on my dark circles. When I have to, I only use index finger to set concealer, and I'm good.

According to a Youtube post,

Applying concealer with a brush is a great way to both deposit the product onto the skin and to blend it smoothly into the surrounding areas.

I have to give it a try! :)

Catrice Camouflage Concealer applied on hand

Left: blended using finger ; Right: blended using NR concealer brush

If you want to have even application of concealer, and heavy coverage, you may need this concealer brush. On the other hand, if you prefer light coverage, you may use your finger.

Of course, I got these cute free samples. :)

Aqua toner and Aqua emulsion

I must admit that Nature Republic is my newest favorite Korean brand. Some of us may prefer popular brands when looking for good products, but Nature Republic is really the dark-horse in the competition. They have a lot of promising products to discover, at an affordable price. :)

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