Denco's Buffer for Nails Review

I was waiting for a friend and doing my window shopping of skin care products when I came across with Aqua Mineral Cosmetics. By the way, I am not here to review their soap which I love most but I'll be sharing you my newest discovery-- BUFFER! :)

Yes. I'm a loser. I know most of the bloggers have reviewed this already. It was just in April or May when I found out that there is  a stick that does miracle on nails.

Back to what I am telling a while ago, I was looking at AM's Dead Sea soap when an attendant held my hand and did something on my nail. I was totally clueless with what she was doing. She stroked something across my nails, like a dice. A minute after, I was totally surprised with the result- a glossy nail!

But when I asked the price, I believed I could find a dupe. Haha.

I cannot stop thinking about it. Thanks to my friend who knows buffer. Our plan was really to find a cheaper one at Face Shop. But in search for her skin care products, we landed at Pure Beauty.

Product to be reviewed: Denco's Buffer for Nails
Price: 99 Pesos/ 2$
Where to buy: Pure Beauty Botique
Where did I buy: Pure Beauty SM North
For what: Gives shiny, glossy finish on nails

This is just 99 Pesos! The price is just 4% of AM's. :)

For instruction on how to use it, kindly enlarge the photo below.

My nails before using buffer. For clarification, I just cut my nails that time. It's just that I don't want short nails. :)

This is my nail after using the buffer. See how glossy it is? :)

(Left: Result after using buffer / Right: Without using buffer)

Tada! :)

Pogi Points:

1. It's really cheap! I am planning to hoard and give it as a gift this Christmas. 
2. It does its wonder. Its shine could last 1 to 2 weeks. Not bad right? :)
3. When using the buffer with care, you can use it more than a year. Not bad for your 99 bucks. :)
4. Perfect for men! It gives a shiny and healthy finish as if you put nail polish on your nails, but it doesn't look gay. :)
5. You can use it anytime, anywhere.


1. Be careful when using it because the stick can easily be broken.

Mr. Pogi says:

I will give Denco's Buffer for Nails an AWESOME POGI POINTS of 4.5/5 

If you want to achieve a shiny and glossy looking nails, you should give it a try. It's really a must have! :)

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