Cetaphil's Free Skin Check-up

Who would say no to a Free Skin Diagnosis?

I was one of the first bloggers to try this Cetaphil's Skin Check up. :) Cetaphil is known for their gentle on skin products. :) I am proud to say that Cetaphil is one of the first skin care products I've used. I've tried using their products back when I was in High school, and I am now working. How time flies! :)

So this is how their machine looks like. :)

The procedure is simple, you place your chin on the designated part of the machine, close your eyes and wait for 30 seconds or less to see results. If you are familiar with autorefractor which is used during eye examination, they are basically the same, in feature. The only difference is your eyes are closed during this face diagnosis. Haha.

Analyzing Results. . . .Scary face! HAHA. :P


Thin wrinkles start to form because of the decrease of skin elasticity caused by lack of sebum and moisture and inactive skin revival. It is necessary to protect skin from UV-ray which is a cause to languidness and to stimulate activation of epidermis cells, and to use functional cosmetics to increase elasticity of dermis. Facial massage is more helpful.

Sebum (U)
The secretion of sebum is very little. Unless oily element is supplemented consistently and properly, there is a high possibility that your skin can be severely dry. Please enhance the luster of skin by use of facial massage and pack, and prevent thin wrinkles from forming around eyes which are particularly dry by use of specialized products. It is highly recommended to use lukewarm water than hot water, which can make sebum easily washed off. Also, frequent washing is not desirable.

Wrinkles forming around eyes is so correct! :)

Pore are normal-sized or a little large. Your skin may need pore-care products and astringents to treat enlarged pores properly and it is essential to prevent pores from getting larger. It is good to enhance the luster of skin by use of facial massage and pack in cold weather which may not your skin dry.

Skin color is dark and generally discoloration and freckles are considerably much seen. It is essential to do skin deep cleansing or peeling for skin revival and activation and to use UV-ray blocking products and to do base make-up properly. It is also essential to do regular massage and nutrition pack 2-3 times a week and to use specialized functional whitening cosmetics and to stimulate skin metabolism by high nutrition supplement.

This is the part where I am skeptic. First of all, my skin is not dark. My friends are jealous with my porcelain type of skin. Hihi. Second, I don't have freckles. :) Lastly, I don't need to use whitening cosmetics. If I do, I would definitely look like a clown. Lol.

Anyway, if you are going to notice, facial massage is mentioned few times in the results. I don't usually do facial massage, but I believe this is the great time to include this in my skin care routine. Maybe I'll have another blog entry for this. :)

Age of Skin:


According to Cetaphil's skin expert, I don't have to worry much, for my skin just looks 3 years older than my age. But as an O.C. type of person and as a blogger of skin care products, this is a wake up call for me. I may look 18 or 19 years old in person, but the condition of my skin is a different thing. I must be careful of the products, I use and will use in the future. 

I would like to thank Cetaphil Philippines for this Free Skin Check Up. This is definitely helpful for everyone, especially those who don't visit their dermatologist. Once in a while, we must check our skin condition 'cause no matter what we do and who we are, our skin matters!

Ow! Cetaphil also have a promo this Christmas Season. Buy 2 bottles of Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, get an additional free bottle! :) Too bad, they don't have promo for Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser. Soonest, please? :)

For those who want to experience this free check up, you may visit Cetaphil booth at SM Mall of Asia Department Store (Beauty Section). :)

By the way, it is my first time to visit this Prism Plaza in Macapagal. It is a nice place to chill with friends! :) This is just across Mall of Asia. :)

This is a 360 video of me at Prism Plaza. Hello guys! :)

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