DIY Ring Light for 659.75 Pesos

Would you believe that you may own a ring light for just 659.75 Pesos? How? :)

As a blogger, owning a ring light is a must. But we all know that is quite costly. :) So seeing people assembling/ doing DIY all over my feed is quite tempting. I was hesitant, at first, for there are steps I know quite hard to do. Big thanks to Mr. sales attendant (I forgot to ask his name) for making my ring light, a hassle free one. :)

What is a ring light?

According to, Ring Light is a unique single light source that accomplishes with one light what would normally require two or more lights.

Additional, interview to Youtube artists from

"With this light, you just look instantly beautiful." - Kandee Johnson

"Since it's a ring of light, you have this beautiful neutral zone in the middle and a ring of light around the face, so it gives a soft glow along the edges. It's not a single source hitting your face, so it really helps wash out any blemishes. You don't need to worry about light placement. You just put it right in front of you and it illuminates you appropriately. It's really easy."- Kylie Jenner

Materials needed:

1. Omni Desk Lamp- Php 349.75

2. Circular Bulb- Php 269.75

There are plenty of circular bulbs to choose from. If you have budget, you may try buying LED. :) If you want a slimmer one, you may look for a T5 bulb. :)

3. Keyless Current Tap- Php 39.75

This is the most important material. If you don't want to cut your Omni Lamp, you better buy this one. :)

I bought all these at Ace Hardware Philippines. :)

Less than 5 minute DIY ring light steps:

Step 1:

Attach Keyless Current Tap to the circular bulb. 

Step 2:

Attach Keyless Current Tap and circular bulb to Omni Desk Lamp.

Step 3:

Plug in to an outlet and turn it on.

Tada! You have your own ring light. :)

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