Macbook of the Philippines?: Sparc Techbook 1 Review

Owning a laptop is indeed a necessity nowadays. Aside from it can provide the things you need in a computer, it can also be brought anytime, anywhere. Macbook will always be my dream laptop. I am a loyal apple user. But every time I look at the price of a cheapest Macbook, I still have second thoughts. That's why when I saw good reviews and rave of netizens in this new "Mac-like" laptop, I took the risk in purchasing a unit.

Additional point for the box! :)

Grabbed from Sparc's website

Claims VS. Experience Check:

1. Just A Single Stroke

Claim: It's easier to use with its touchpad speed, a single stroke will take you there without moving around too much with its amazing pointer speed and higher sensitivity. Immerse yourself with a fresh and efficient experience with the Sparc Book. Out touchpad is larger, giving your fingers more space and room to gesture and click.

Experience: Highlighting words/sentences and right click are sometimes unresponsive.

2. Brighter And Colorful

Claim: Sparc Book has a brighter LED backlight and a higher contrast ratio, giving deeper blacks and brighter whites. This laptop supports a broad color for even more vibrant colors delivering a realistic picture and vivid details.

Experience: Yes! Check! :)

3. Dynamic Sound

Claim: Sparc Book’s speakers have been designed to provide a clear dynamic range of sound and louder bass for a higher pounding. You can now enjoy watching your movie or listening to your favorite playlist with its lively speakers.

Experience: Not as loud and solid as other 14" laptops, but already good. :)

4. Intel Core Processors

Claim: Intel Core processors built for cutting-edge performance. With quad-core processors, you can now adore stunning visuals and its improved speed to meet every demand quickly and seamlessly.

 Experience: Pages load and run, fast and smoothly. :) 

5. Upgrade To Windows 10

Claim: Have the best experience for quickly getting things done. Windows 10 operates all your favorite apps and files fast right at hand.

6. Great Viewing Room

Claim: With its 14. 1” FHD display, it still is the perfect big screen with HD resolution that gives you great viewing and productivity.

Experience: Check! You get a good display and a lightweight unit, 1.1kg! :)

7. All Day Power

Claim: Equipped with 10000 Mah large capacity battery, you can enjoy and work productively up to 8 hours.

Experience: Unexpectedly, battery lasts long! One full charge took me 5 hours straight before draining! It doesn't overheat too. :)

Let me highlight its CHARGER! It's portable, like your ordinary cellphone charger. :)


1. The unit I got has a small dead pixel and scratches.

2. Highlighting words and right click are sometimes unresponsive.

3. 2GB Ram onboard.

Mr. Pogi Tips says

With its price and the performance I get, this techbook is a STEAL! :) I didn't have regrets in taking risk of purchasing this one. I am actually thinking of ordering another one, once this laptop surpasses its first month. :)

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