Perfume Hack: Room and Linen Sprays as Body Perfume?

Hi everyone! I'm excited to share a hack which happened to be an accidental discovery. Hihi. :)

DISCLAIMER: As I have said on my previous post, I never share my current scent. I read an article saying that never tell anyone the perfume brand you are wearing and leave him/her the mystery of discovering it. So my apologies if I won't be sharing. Hihi. :) 

I have obsession with perfumes. :) In my first few months as a blogger, I have posted my scent favorites. 4 years after, I'm still a perfume lover, but the variety of scents I am falling with changed. :) From a citrus scent which we Filipinos love, I am gradually converting my scent into earth/wood ones.

Aside from perfumes, I am also addicted to room and linen sprays, and essential oils. It relaxes me and I love how it gives my room a hotel feel.   

In my quest of looking for a good perfume, I've fell inlove with this particular sweet wood scent. I'm almost purchasing it when I have found out that this is a ROOM SPRAY. HAHA. I got depressed and tried to look for alternatives with same scent.

I first went to L'occitane and tried to look for their Lavende cologne. The attendant said it's out of stock because of the demand when Kris Aquino mentioned it on her vlog. She's really a great endorser. :) By the way, I love the smell of Cedrat and Cade. Though these are not the scent I am looking for that time. :)
After that, I went to Beauty Bar to look for that specific scent. Happy to see that they have Kokeshi perfumes! :) I tried some scents but still, it's not the one for me.

I tried to look at Yves Rocher which they have 50% off on all perfumes. They have the scent I am looking for but it's not that sweet.

The last option I had was at SM Department Store, perfume section. I visited but still found none.

In desperation, I thought of why not trying that room spray as an alternative to perfume? I tried searching over the Internet and VOILA! Some are practicing it abroad! :) I hurriedly went back to the store and purchased it. :)

I am now a happy kid. HAHAHAHA.

Who among you are also practicing this? Share your comments guys! :)

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