Water Reminder App: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED? :)

How are you all? Today I will be sharing my newest mobile app discovery that is perfect for people who don't usually drink or forget to drink 8 glasses of water everyday. . . . .WATER REMINDER! :)

People say, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" but don't say the most important thing, "Drink Water Regularly". Most of us miss this healthy habit.  I definitely love water. I don't have issues with it. But due to work and busy schedule, I normally tend to forget to drink water. That's why last year,  I developed Urinary Tract Infection (U.T.I.). Gladly, I was able to get rid of it and now conscious of my water intake.

Water Reminder is one of the best apps to remind you every time your body needs water.

Available on IOS :)

The app promises to give these results after using this app for a couple of weeks:

1. Increase Energy and Relieves Fatigue
2. Promotes Weight Loss
3. Flushes out Toxins
4. Improves Skin Complexion
5. Maintains Regularity
6. Boosts Immune System
7. Natural Headache Remedy
8. Prevents Cramps and Sprains
9. Puts You in a Good Mood
10. Save Money

Water Reminder is user-friendly. Once it is installed, you just have to fill-out your profile information (Name, Gender, Height, Weight, Workout) and it will automatically calculate the number of glasses you need in a day.

Be careful when putting your information. I was shocked that I needed to consume 5,453 ml of water or 21 glasses of water (250 ml per glass)! I was thinking of giving up in the middle of my first day when I noticed that I have encoded 260 pounds of weight instead of 120! HAHA. That's why when I changed the weight measurement, the needed water changed as well. Wew! Instead of 5,453 ml, it turned out I only need 2,600 ml or 8 glasses of water (250 ml per glass). :)

5,453 ml? Are you serious? HAHA.

From 5,453 ml to 2,600 ml! Yey! :)

You can also change the goal each day, depending on your preference. You can add more, but don't lessen the ml. HAHA.

Since it is a reminder app, there will be a notification per hour. It's up to you if you're going to drink or not. If you choose to drink, you have 4 choices of gulp:

Small Gulp: 150 ml
Medium Gulp: 250 ml
Large Gulp: 500 ml

Custom Gulp: You can customize even the drinks

There are also badges given when you achieve certain goals. :)

Mr. Pogi says:

I never imagined drinking water could be exciting and satisfying! :) I always feel challenged every time I see a notification. Seeing the daily goal makes me motivated to take more. I feel anxious when the desired number of glasses are not yet met, and it's already 8:00 PM! HAHA. But it always ends up drinking more than needed. Yey! :) The app is so helpful that I am able to track my water intake. :) Highly recommended! :) 


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