World Social Media Day Speaker: Loving University of Caloocan City Comm Advocates!

My first speaking engagement about blogging started upon receiving an invite from National University just this year. Read here: I'm their Speaker: Blogging Seminar Experience

It was then followed by a workshop for teachers at Gabriel Archangel Toddler Preschool.

Though I'm not new in giving talks, it still excites me every time students invite me. :) It's not because I'm a teacher by profession but I know I can inspire these young minds. I will always remember the times I was in their seats, dreaming to be a speaker one day. Now that I am, I make sure to always find time for students' requests. :)

I didn't have hesitations when an officer from Communication Department of University of Caloocan City messaged me on Facebook. The event is a symposium themed as "Promoting Mental Health Awareness" in celebration to their 9th World Social Media Day. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about mental health continuum with the help of social media platform.

The topic, blogging is a piece of bread for me, but relating it to mental health awareness is another thing. It is I think the most difficult topic to discuss, but also one of the most special. Mental awareness plays a big part in my life. I remember being bullied back then because I didn't pass society's standards: nerd, obese and had blemishes on face.

In my eagerness to be accepted by everyone, I tried searching for videos and articles on how to look good. I was disappointed that there were only few men who vlog and blog about their skin care routine and how to put cosmetics. To document my journey and help men suffering from low esteem like me, I created this blogsite.

First Official Logo (2013)

It didn't ever cross my mind that after 5 years of being here in the industry, I would be speaking on stage and will be promoting an advocacy. The blog which started to be just a hobby and an outlet to escape from reality, became a home for those men seeking for answers to cosmetics and skin care questions. My blog becomes an inspiration. Filipino men are now eventually embracing the concept of using cosmetics and skin care products. The readers are not afraid to explore. I salute seeing posts, messages on how they alot time to do their beauty regimen and routine. MY BLOG IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE. :)

I somehow felt nervous minutes before my talk. It was the message I want to impart to students that keeps me composed. When it was my turn to speak, I was overwhelmed that students were all smiling at me. It was quite uncomfortable that some are really staring at my face. HAHA! :)

I could say that UCC students are one of the best audiences I ever had. I could feel that they were really interested, and inspired of the message I had given. I could see it in their eyes that at their age, they could already make a change and be advocates. :)

I would like to extend my gratitude to Pam, who messaged and invited me; the student who kept me entertained the whole time and assisted me until I left the University; Comm professors whom I have met; JM, ka-Iskolar and a friend of mine; and to all Communication advocates and now my readers (hihi). Hoping that one of you will be a b/vlogger and advocate of mental awareness! Till we all meet again! :)

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