CHEAPEST UKAY UKAY IN CAVITE! Versace For Only 10 Pesos!

I was an Ukay Ukay fan when I was in college. Aside from I save a lot of money, there's always thrill finding for branded and fashionable items. It was just this month when I saw this certain thrift shop selling, I believe the cheapest offer I've ever encountered when it comes to Ukay Ukay. I was pleased and decided to see if the post is true.

True to their words, ALL OF THE ITEMS HERE ARE FOR ONLY 10 PESOS!! WOW!! :) I didn't know where to start first, but one thing was for sure: I AM CHALLENGED! :)

I went there Saturday afternoon and the crowd is not that overwhelming. But prepare for drinks 'coz the place is really hot. Thankfully, I bought a liter of milk tea before coming to the shop. Hihi.

There are lot of choices to choose from but the items below got my attention. Since I also work as a University teacher, I always wear formal attire. So upon seeing these on the rack, I stayed there for almost hour and a half.

TADAAAAA! :) NECKTIES! :) Most of these are also branded. Look what I've got:

1. Polo by Ralph Lauren 

2. The Disney Store

3. Calvin Klein

And lastly, I got my own. . . . VERSACE NECKTIE! :)

For authenticity, there is no assurance if these are real or not. But I guess there is a slim chance of these becoming fake since these are already neckties which are not that common unlike shirts and bags. For the price, these items are already steal! :)

So the question is. . . . WHERE IS THIS THRIFT SHOP LOCATED?


How to go:

From Lawton/Baclaran:

1. Ride a bus or van going to Imus BDO
2. Tell the driver to drop you off at Imus Lumina
3. Walk going to Iglesia ni Cristo

From Dasma:

1. Ride a bus or jeep going to Imus
2. Tell the driver to drop you off at Imus Lumina
3. Walk going to Iglesia ni Cristo

There you have it guys! :) Share the cheapest item/s you bought in Ukay Ukay in the comment section below! :)

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