I was INVITED! Fortune High School Talk 2019

One of the highlights of my 2018 was, I was invited by different schools and organizations to talk about Blogging. I felt that it was the right time for me to give back and share my knowledge about this industry. I am delighted every time my attendees message me on my social media accounts to thank me for inspiring them to start their own blogs. I was also able to mentor some in starting their own sites. :)

This year, I joined and co-founded a group named Lagalag PH. Its main purpose is travel and go to different places while giving talks to schools and organizations. For one of our stops, we were invited to share our expertise at Fortune High School in Marikina.

I could say that this experience is an eye-opener for me. I MISSED BLOGGING! :) Honestly speaking, I skipped writing blog entries here when I started creating my Youtube Channel. In case you are not yet subscribed, CLICK HERE! :) This trip made me reflect and realized I still need to go back to where it all started. :)

I am overwhelmed with the reactions of the students. They were attentive and I could see all of them were listening to me. :) Though I was the last speaker and it's almost 2 PM (we started at 9 AM), they still had the energy to participate. I never felt that they haven't eaten their lunch during that time. :)

Hi Teacher! :)

From Left to Right: Ms. Grasya Orbon, Ms. Joan Barredo, Ms. Arra Papica, Your truly, Teacher Myrzi and our Hosts

After my talk, there were some students who messaged me and thanked me for inspiring them to become bloggers and vloggers. I was touched. :) I never believed it will ever happen to me, that I will be an inspiration to anyone. I am thankful. All Glory to You, God! :)

Thank you so much, Fortune High School and to you, awesome students! :) 

By the way, the students also baked these delicious cupcakes! :) Truly talented. . . . .and sweet! :) Thank you. Thank you. :)

As I always say, "See you in the industry, future BLOGGERS/VLOGGERS!" :)

Lazada Philippines