Whitelight for Your Skin’s Delight: A review of Aim’s Global Whitelight Sublingual L-Glutathione

Perhaps Aim’s Global Whitelight may be the solution to your desire to have that fair glow. With an affordable starting price of P300, your desire for a fairer skin has never been this reachable! If you’re interested in planning to try and grab a hold of this product, perhaps this might be helpful in considering your options. 

To begin with, and with certainty, one can never miss the eye-catching, elegant demure that Whitelight has been packaged into. Packaged in a black box with gold font color, the product comes in a classy and reflective gold-colored cylindrical bottle spray. The box, and as well as the spray bottle, contains all the necessary labels, descriptions, and formulations.

For an affordable price of P300.00, a bottle of Whitelight Sublingual L-Glutathione contains 2,500mg of L-Glutathione and 1,000mg of Vitamin C. The formulation is sufficiently enough considering the very affordable price that it comes with. The product directions prescribes it to be taken/sprayed twice (2x) sublingually (under the tongue) for 2x a day. 

Putting it to the test, I took Whitelight’s Sublingual L-Glutathione for 3 weeks. In my first week of trying it out, I followed the directions and took 2 sprays day and night. To my surprise, it did leave me with a glow, I had quite a noticeable glow to my skin and face. However, I’m not quite sure whether it's due to a supplement that I was taking that week, or combined with the product, makes it more robust. As such, in my second week, I mainly focused on taking Whitelight’s alone and decided to increase my dosage by taking 3 sprays per day. Yet again, it’s quite the same, not much has changed, I didn’t notice much change compared to the first week. And finally in my last week of trying, I now decided to increase it to 4 sprays a day. 

After three weeks of trying, I was only able to finally see a noticeable difference in my skin when I increased my dosage of taking 4 sprays day and night (8 sprays in total). 

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Upon my calculations, I’ve noticed that for a period of 30 days, only 2 sprays in a day will only give you 83.33mg of L-Glutathione. It’s not a lot if you’re looking for something that will make your skin fair. But increasing the dosage might help, considering the reasonable pricing.

My verdict: it does work, Whitelight Sublingual L-Glutathione delivers what it aims to promise in terms of pricing, but still, there are other products out there that are reasonably priced and with high efficacy and potency.

But if this product works for you and your budget, sure thing! Give it a go! Here are legitimate shopee links if you want to give it a try:

If you want to know my full review about the product, I highly suggest that you watch my vlog! :)

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