O Shopping Experience

I'm a self-proclaimed nocturnal person (BEFORE. HAHA.). It was always in my routine to watch O Shopping at night, midnight. :) I know it was time to hit the sack once the program is done. I admit that I wanted to purchase a lot of products from them, but I was also hesitant during those nights.

One midnight, after a year of not being a fanatic of this show, I've seen another advertisement of them which I thought I cannot refuse- a diamond watch! :) The price was tempting. I wanted to call them. My mind says not to be compulsive, but my heart says I need the watch since it is a good investment. At the end of the night, my mind won.

My heart didn't stop fighting for what it wants. Haha. Few weeks after, I messaged O Shopping's Facebook page and inquired on how to avail the Caritas Diamond watch. A representative asked my complete contact details, for he/she will be the one to process my order. Oh men! Hassle-free. :) I can also avail thru staggered payment, 3 months to pay. Not bad, right? :) What I like most is that I will receive a Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask worth 1,000 Pesos for free! This freebie is part of their anniversary promo. So why would I say no to a good offer? :)

I placed my order on Sunday and got the parcel on Tuesday. :) We're talking about good service here. :)

The packaging looks like a typical watch box. The words "Caritas Worldra" are written on the box. Upon searching, Caritas is a Korean luxury watch brand which started manufacturing from the year 1979.

Here's a picture of the watch. So elegant! :)

The watch is made of 24 karat gold which is electro-plated on stainless steel so the owners are assured for its durability and it will not corrode easily. While the face of the watch has 65 angle diamond cut bezel which means, it reflects lights from different angles.

The hour markers are rhinestones while the 12 o'clock is made out of BELGIAN DIAMOND! Yes. Your watch has a diamond. :)

With the watch is a certificate authenticating that the diamond inside the the watch is a real Belgian Diamond. There is a serial number for it. :)

The hands of the watch are luminous so you could see the time easily. The watch also has a magnifying date display. :) No need to worry about scratches 'coz the face of the watch is scratch resistant. The glass is made of sapphire crystal. Yey! :) It also uses Seiko quarts movement. :) What I love most is it is water resistant up to 30 meters or 100 feet. :)

Here's a picture of the watch when worn. :)

As a teacher in the morning and works for media at night, I need to wear formal and casual attires. With Caritas, I don't have to bring 2 watches, for it perfectly fits any outfit that I wear. I am looking more elegant. :) It is also comfortable in hands. I haven't had allergies with the watch. :)

Here's the freebie! :) Marflex Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask. :)


I will give both O'Shopping and Caritas Diamond Watch an AWESOME PERFECT POGI POINTS OF 5/5 

Mr. Pogi says:

Truly there's O in O Shopping. :) O for Oh wow, for their service! :) It's absolutely hassle-free.  :) Everything I needed are provided. :)  It is definitely not my last. I will be purchasing another product soon. :)

P.S.: If you have a small wrist like mine, you need to have it adjusted at the nearest watch repair shop. I'm blessed that my father knows how to adjust. :)

If you are interested to avail the products of O shopping, you may visit their:

Website: O Shopping Philippines
Facebook Account: O Shopping Philippines

Enjoy Shopping! :)

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