Smell good, Smell Chic!

"Glamour is something more than what you put on your body. It has to do with the way you carry yourself and the impact you have on others." - Tom Ford

As I have said on my previous blog entries, I love perfumes. I can't go out the house without carrying a bottle in my bag. I could empty one in just 2-3 weeks time. That's how obsess I am with perfumes. Not because I have bad odor, but the confidence it gives me when I'm wearing it. :)

Aside from perfumes, our family loves sanitizers. :) We have these in different parts of the house. It moisturizes the skin while protecting from germs. :)

Who would not love a bottle with a mixture of perfume and sanitizer? Yes. You read it right. Sanitizer with the smell of your favorite perfume. :) This is a product from SMELL CHIC. :)

During a bazaar at World Trade Center, this stall has caught my attention. I got easily attracted with the smell when I tried their sample. It smells pretty good. :) The best thing is that the smell gets better and better as minutes go by. :) I said to myself, "I need this". :) 

Small hand sanitizer costs 99 Pesos (2 dollars). Not bad. :) It could last up to a month or two, depending on usage. :) A pump could last for 2-5 hours. Long lasting. Yey! :) 

They have variety of scents that you can choose from. :) I bought their version of Jo Malone and Filodapper. These are perfect for guys, not too feminine nor too strong. :) This is best applied before holding the hands of your girl. It could save your sweaty palms. Added points! Haha. :)

I am tempted to purchase this large bottle of Hand Sanitizer. :)

Aside from Hand Sanitizers, Smell Chic also offers Body Wash line that comes in stylish scents inspired by the different persona and lifestyle of a young, sophisticated, and cosmopolitan woman/man. Body Wash is sold at 379 Pesos (9 Dollars).

They also offer Room+Linen Spray line that brings the fresh and delightful aura of nature in your very own home. I am a humidifier user and this spray could be a substitute. :) One bottle is at 479 Pesos (12 Dollars) each. :)

If you are interested, you may visit their social media accounts:
Facebook Page: Smell Chic
Instagram: @smellchic
For inquiries and orders, you may text/Viber them at: (0917) 486 4888

Smell Chic products are also available at:
-Rockwell - The Retail Lab Archeology Wingo
-Poshmark Boutique - Timog, Quezon City
-The Hair Lounge Salon - Shaw Blvd. near S&R
-UniQube - University Mall, Taft Avenue
-Fifth Rack - Aguirre Ave 
-Tees and Things Stores in Laguna - Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Greenfield City
-Paseo Uno de Calamba

Hand Sanitizers at P99 each
Body Wash at P379 each

Linen Spray at P479 each

I will give Smell Chic an AWESOME PERFECT POGI POINTS OF 5/5 

Mr. Pogi Tips says:

Let's admit, your smell could be your asset. It could attract or disappoint a person you are talking with. According to a study, humor and smell are the factors a woman look for an ideal guy. So it is good to invest on your hygiene. With Smell Chic's products, one could be a head-turner. I promise! :) Aside from its good scent, you are assured that you are protected from germs. :)

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