Nosk: Mask for Nose?

Wearing mask becomes a part of fashion statement for some of Filipino millennials nowadays. That's why others who need it for medical purposes alone are being judged when wearing one. Well, these days will be gone because there is already an alternative mask designed just for nose. It's finally here in the Philippines, NOSK! :)

Nosk or Nose Mask is a personal Air Filtration System that blocks airborne dust, pollen, allergens and smog, improving the quality of air one's breathe.


1. Block pollen, dust, allergens, and airborne particles.
2. Virtually invisible when properly inserted into the nostrils.
3. Ease of breathing and comfortable fit guaranteed.
4. NOSK 3-layer filter guarantees refreshing air passing through the nasal cavities.
5. Hygienic and mini casing for nasal filters included.
6. Multi-invention awards winning nasal filter.

Recommended use

Indoor and Outdoor


Gently insert a unit of 3-layered Nasal Filters into nostrils until it comfortably settles in the nasal cavities.


Dispose filters properly after use. Do not use filters if you have respiratory conditions. Please keep out of children.

Where to buy

Watsons stores nationwide


Pogi Points

1. I am now able to breathe fresh air which I only experience when I'm in province. :) 

2. As a public transportation commuter, I can definitely use this while traveling. :)

3. Recommended for mouth breathers! :) I am enjoying the liberty of using my nostrils as passage in inhaling or exhaling air. :)  

4. My asthma is always triggered when I breathe dust. Nosk helps to block it, allowing me to clean my room without sneezing. :)

5. No more need to wear mask. :)


1. Quite pricey (150 Pesos for 2 units). After reading that you have to dispose it after each use, I had hesitation of purchasing it. Fortunately it's on sale that time. :)

I tried using one for a week and I was still able to breathe fresh air. But I don't recommend doing it for hygienic purposes. :)

2. I can't talk much while wearing the product. It irritates my nostrils making them itchy. Haha.

Mr. Pogi says

I am now a fan of Nosk! :) I never imagined that the quality of air I breathe can be improved. :) I am just hoping a cheaper one, please. :) Nonetheless, I will be buying again. :)

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