Free Skin Analysis from Orabella

Hi everyone! :) I just attended a Skin Analysis from Orabella. :)

Skin Analysis uses machine that can accurately analyze patient's pores, sebum, wrinkles, pigmentation, moisture. elasticity, color, and temperature through face recognition.

2 years ago, I had also tried a similar one from Cetaphil. Check out the article here: Cetaphil's Free Skin Check-up. I was quite confident that time that my skin was in good condition, not knowing that the result would shookt me. My Skin age was already 26! Wew. HAHA. 

Find out if my skin condition worsen or did improve. :)

Same with my Cetaphil experience, you need to place your chin on a designated area of the machine and wait for three clicking sounds. It normally takes 1-3 minutes before getting the results.

Analyzing results. . . .


The skin expert who attended me that time was shocked to the results. HAHA. All in all, I have good skin condition. My skin is healthy. :)

Look at my RGB Pores! :) 3.91% out of 100%! Wow. :)

Here's the complete report of the analysis. :)

The only concern for now is the PL Roughness of my face. I am aware that there are really parts of my face that are dry. It's now time to rejuvenate. :)

Age of Skin: 21

Yey! :) My skin care routine is working good. :) I am sure that my blog has a big part why I now have healthy skin. :) That's why I will try my best to update you in my journey of how to look and feel great! :)

Mr. Pogi Tips says:

As we say, Prevention will always be better than Cure. It's better to have our skin checked by dermatologist once in a while. There's nothing wrong on investing in products for our skin. But most of all, beauty is skin deep. :)

You may also try ORABELLA'S FREE SKIN ANALYSIS by booking an appointment. Just send them a message. :)

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