Bro Wipes: Wipes for the Grown Ups

Imagine a world where everything is manly. Beer from the faucet. Self cleaning clothes. Bowl which auto-refill nachos. Manly wet wipes. Okay, the last one may not be part of your usual fantasy. But a Philippine company made it a reality anyway. Everyone, introducing. . . . .BRO WIPES!

What is a BRO WIPES?

BRO wipes is handy and travel pack wet wipes for men. It can combine with toilet paper and use as butt wipes. It's also flushable.

What makes it DIFFERENT?

The product is made of high quality material that is manufactured in Singapore. It is specially designed for men with a macho look. It's unscented so it will not interfere with your existing cologne.The packaging doesn't have any rainbows, flowers or feminine designs.

Where can it be USED?

The wipes are for external use only. You can use it for your face, hands, legs, feet, private parts and butt for a quick clean up.


As a person who is always away from home, I had to bring a bag which basically carries everything I need for the entire long day at work. I used to carry bulky wipes with me. You know it. It is needed for retouching sticky part/s of the body or a sudden toilet break. But I as I have said in one of my posts, I practice bringing smaller bags. Here is the link in case you haven't read it yet: What's Inside My Bag? That's why I am also obliged to bring compact things with me. Thankfully, I discovered BRO wipes which is more compact and travel sized compared to my previous ones  It is individually packed that I can bring what I only needed. SAVES A LOT OF SPACE!! :) The wipes also have Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which are good for skin and down there! Hihi. :)

The wipes can be purchased online and it is available at and Shopee. A box is priced at 399 Pesos! :) Hurry! They have a promo. For the first 299 customers, you can purchase a box for only 299 Pesos! :)

BRO Wipes

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