Liver Function Test Kit: What's the Result?

Do you have any of these symptoms?

1. Yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes. This condition is called jaundice.
2. Pain in the right upper abdomen accompanied by pain in the back.
3. Abdominal swelling.
4. Weakness and loss of muscle mass.
5. Light color of stool and/or dark color of urine.

The above symptoms are the first signs of a liver problem. The liver is the largest glandular organ of the body. It weighs about 1.35kg. It is reddish brown in color and lies on the right side of abdomen below the diaphragm.

Jaundice is considered the most significant among the usual symptoms. Jaundice is caused by when an excess amount of compound called bilirubin dissolves in fat layer under the skin.

In the intestine, bilirubin can be converted to a compound called urobilinogen by the act of intestinal bacteria. A small percentage of this compound can be reabsorbed into the blood stream. Increased levels of urobilinogen and/or bilirubin in blood will lead to its appearance in urine.

The BIOTEST Liver Function Test Kit contains to dip-and-read test strips and its main use is to check the bilirubin and uro-bilinogen in urine specimens as an aid in the diagnosis of liver and gall bladder problems.

I have discovered this test kit when I was buying my supplement at Watsons counter. I told myself, in my 20+ years of existence, I may already been abusing my liver and why not try the test. It is only sold for 100 Pesos.


Use the provided collection cup to collect the urine. Test the urine as soon as possible after collection. This procedure MUST BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY t achieve reliable test results.

1. Prepare the urine specimen.
2. Remove the strip from the pouch. Familiarize yourself with the position of the reaction area of bilirubin and uro-bilinogen. The beige reaction area is for bilirubin and the yellow is for urobilinogen. Also, familiarize yourself with the color chart on the box.

3. Dip the the test strip in the urine until the reaction areas are completely immersed for no more than 1 second.
4. Remove the dipstick from the urine and tap the strip on the rim of the cup to remove excess urine and place it horizontally with he reaction areas facing up.

5. Leave the strip for 30-60 seconds for the reaction to take place.
6. Read the results by comparing the colors of reaction on the strip to those on the box.

7. Identify the best color match on the color blocks on the box and corresponding concentration range.



Bilirubin= Negative
Urobilogen= ++

INTERPRETATION= Normal urine specimens ordinarily give a light tan or slight pink color. This should be considered normal.


Wew! :) I may say that the process was nerve-wracking most especially when you are waiting for the results. I don't recommend this if you have anxiety or suffering from depression. The test kit is definitely not 100% reliable or "if" it is, and you have found out you have liver disease, there's no one to counsel you. I suggest have the test done in laboratories. But if you are a person like me, there's no harm in trying. Just prepare for the results, of course.

Also take note that BioTest Liver Function Test Kit is only intended for first step screening and cannot be used as a confirmatory diagnostic tool. Discuss your test result with your doctor. :)

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