Elite Premium Marine Collagen: A Trusted Collagen that Works!

A name befitting of its claims, Elite Premium Marine Collagen by Cosmo Skin works! Ought and about and while going about my daily errands, I happened to come across this product at Watsons and bought myself one bottle to try. For lately I’ve been receiving comments and feedback to review products that are easily accessible, and conveniently sold in department stores, and drugstores nationwide. Hence, this came to mind. 

I can never emphasize enough the importance of understanding the three main important things to consider, namely your Need, Budget, and in being informed about the Formulation that will be necessary for your concern. And this time, we’ll be examining whether Elite Premium Marine Collagen by Skin Cosmo’ might be the one for your skin’s concern. 


Right out of the bat, this product is a Marine Collagen that focuses on helping improve skin elasticity, supplety, and prevent fine line and wrinkles. If your concern may be of skin elasticity, perhaps this product may be for you. Do bear in mind that this product may not give skin lightening effects.



For the budget, I got mine from Watsons at around P680.00. Which I think is not bad and rightly priced considering the pure form of collagen the product is packed with, the simple and informative packaging, and the trust that the brand has achieved from their years of service. 


This I think is where it shines. Elite Premium Marine Collagen contains only 500mg of Marine Collagen and with no other added ingredient. A bottle of this contains 30 capsules that is recommended to be taken 4x times a day, giving you a total of 2000mg of Marine collagen for a day. Which actually falls into the amount to see significant changes in the skin.

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I myself tried this product for 14 days and took it 4x a day as recommended by the product. I must say, it did give justice to its name, it worked well on my skin, it made it glow, it did not break me out, and did not trigger my acidity.

You might think that this product might be too pricey, but speaking from experience, it works! It is also a Love for me!

If you want to know my full review and complete thoughts and stand on this product, please do visit my channel and watch my vlog on this product!

Here are legitimate shopee shops if you want to try the products: 

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