Rest assured with Oxecure: Oxecure’s Acne Clear Potion & Prebiotic Serum Review

Looking for an instant cure for your instantly blooming acne that came out of the blue? I for one despair these kinds of situations, of instant breakouts popping out from nowhere. As an influencer I too try my best to take care of my skin and look my best when facing the camera. Being around it for a long time I often get too self-conscious when my face breaks out. But lo and behold I have found a holy grail! I tried and bought myself Oxecure’s Prebio Serum, and partnered it with Oxerure’s Acne Clear Potion as spot treatment.

Both products claim to treat acne breakouts, lighten acne marks, and prevent further acne breakouts. But how does each product stand out? Going further a little deeper, let’s examine each product, the ingredients, and whether it's worth trying.

For the serum, Oxecure’s Prebio (Probiotic) Serum has several ingredients such as Botanical Extract Complex B, Dragons Blood, encapsulated prebiotics, Aloevera Extract, and 8 Hyaluronic acids that will help your skin in healing acne breakouts, and help fade acne scars. 5 ml of this costs only P129.00, which is not bad at all considering the powerful ingredients that it comes with. You’ll only need a pea size for day and night application. And it works wonders over the long run.

Whereas for their spot treatment, the Oxecure’s Acne Clear Potion may be a little on the pricey side, from P349.00 pesos, the product is packed with potent ingredients that is specifically formulated and designed to target acne breakouts. It has salicylic acid, aloe vera leaf juice, zinc oxide, and camphor. For a spot treatment, Oxecure’s Acne Clear Potion is a promising product that will help in lessening inflamed acne breakouts. Just remember not to use this SPOT TREATMENT all over your face at night. HAHA. :)

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On the whole, I myself tried both of these products for a week or two. Incorporating it in my routine was seamless, and the results are quite as exact as they promise to be. If you are wondering about my full review and what it did on my skin, do watch my vlog linked below. 

Oxecure’s Prebio Serum and Oxecure’s Acne Clear Potion are both a love for me! The serum in particular is my newly hyped serum this 2021. Both are good products that did the job well in lessening sudden breakouts.

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