Eternity For Men Review

I love perfumes. From local to high-end, I love buying and collecting. :) Yes, I spray a lot. I can consume a bottle in just 3-4 weeks. :) I just like the feeling of being fresh all the time. :)

I started loving perfumes when my father broughthome some from abroad. Perks of being a son of an overseas father. :) He is fond of buying perfumes and sending it to us. I don't know the price range of these when I was still young. But now. . . .FUDGE** If I could just turn back time, I would not waste those high-end perfumes. HAHA. :)

Here are some of my favorite high-end perfumes.

Polo Sports Blue, Cool Water, Oceana Blue and Ferrari Black

But what I've been loving now is the. . . .ETERNITY FOR MEN. :)

Product to be reviewed: Eternity For Men
Price: 3,600-4,500 Pesos/ 100-110$
Net Wt.: 100 ml
Where to buy: Abroad, SM perfume counter, Online shop, Cash and Carry
For: Perfume

If my memory serves me right, this is my second bottle of Eternity. I really love the smell. Not that manly but gives me the oomph. It doesn't give a strong smell even you spray a lot. It attracts people making me a head-turner baby. :)

The Bottle:

I really like how it looks like. It is very elegant and professional looking.

Pogi Points:

1. It gives me confidence and the swag. :)

2. Long lasting. A spray could last whole day.


If you want your perfume to stay long, just spray it to your:

1. Neck
2. Wrist
3. Behind Ear lobes
4. Cleavage
5. Behind knees
6. Inner elbows

3. Doesn't have a strong smell.


1. Of course the downside would be the price.


If you want to buy high-end perfumes but in cheap price, try Cash and Carry in Makati. Some bloggers said that C&C sells half the price. I have been there few times but sad to say I haven't asked the prices.

If you are planning to buy online, just make sure that they sell legit or authentic perfumes. Check the reviews or comments of the seller before trusting. Remember that there are a lot of BOGUS sellers out there.


I will give Eternity For Men a POGI POINTS OF 4.5/5 ✓. 

Mr. Pogi says:

As much as I want to wear it everyday, it's expensive for me to buy this always. I tried to use this for special occasions only, but because I like it so much, I use it everyday or if I'm going somewhere. I just spray it to my pulse points (one I stated above.)

I wish I would find an alternative for this. HAHA. :)

How about you? What perfume do you wear?


My husband always use DavidOff Cool Water for Men. What do you think about that perfume?

~Pauline @ Kallony

Lazada Philippines