Korean Look Tutorial

Dreaming to look like your K-Pop idol??

Worry no more because I will teach you how to look like a K-Pop star. :)

This is just an inspired K-pop look. :)

Follow these steps!! :)

1. Before putting anything on your face, begin with contact lenses.

2. Put moisturizer specially to those who have dry skin.

3. Fix your hair. There are different types of Korean hairstyle depending on the shape of your face. I have a layered hairstyle.

4. To feel more being a Korean, put BB Cream. But if you want a full coverage, use foundation.

5. Conceal your blemishes, darkspots and pimples. Koreans have flawless skin.

6. Set it with powder if you have to.

7. Refine your eyebrows if needed.

8.  Korean K-Pop stars put eyeliner. But this is optional. For men out there, good luck in putting eyeliner. It's hard specially if you have shaky hands like me. Practice makes perfect. :)

9. If you need to contour, you may do so.

10. Put lip gloss or balm.

Know the difference of lip gloss and lip balm!! :)


According to Wisegeek, lip balm is a medicated ointment that can be used to soothe or resolve skin issues such as chapped lips. On the other hand, lip gloss an also be medicated and soothe chapped lips. Primarily, however, their goal is to provide an aesthetically pleasing look to the mouth, which a lip balm does not provide.


There you go!! You can now be a Korean Pop Star. :)

You got questions?? Feel free to ask me. :)

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