L'oreal Re-Nourish Cleansing Wipes Review

Two reasons for breakouts are OIL and MAKEUP RESIDUE.

Are you always oily?? Always forget to remove makeup??

Then why not use wipes??

I am familiar with wipes but not with makeup cleansing wipes.


I am not using wipes on face because of  ALCOHOL. It can make your face dry and it is very bad for our skin. One cent. :)

Product to be reviewed: L'oreal Re-Nourish Cleansing Wipes
Price: 2-3$
No. of sheets: 25
Where to buy: Aboroad, Online Shop
Where did I buy: Online Shop
For: Makeup remover, Face cleanser


Removes makeup and gently cleanse the skin without leaving a greasy or sticky film.


Enriched with Ceramide, gives the skin sensation of softness and comfort without drying it out or irritating the eyes.


Perfectly cleansed, your skin is soft and hydrated, it does not feel tight and regains its comfort and elasticity.


Gently wipe over the face and eyes without rinsing. After use, carefully reseal the sachet in order to preserve the freshness.

The Test:

1. Wear cosmetics.

2. At the end of the day, clean face with L 'oreal Re-Nourish Cleansing Wipes.

3. Wash face.

4. Use toner (to see if there are still dirt or makeup residue.)

The Eyeliner Test:

1. Put eyeliner on hand.

2. Clean it with L 'oreal wipes.

Where's the eyeliner now?? :)

Pogi Points:

1. It is inexpensive.

2. Removes about 90% dirt on my face.

3. The tissue is soft, stretchable and hard to tear. One sheet of wipe can clean your face, neck, arms and hands. I am planning to cut it in half to save. :)

4. Perfect for cleaning the neck and eye area since sometimes we neglect to clean these properly specially the neck.

5. It passed my test. Before, washing is not enough. There were dirt left on my face. I can see it when I apply my toner. But after cleaning with L 'oreal first, there were only few dirt left on my face.

6. Can be used if you want to feel fresh.


1. I don't think it is available locally. You have to buy it online. Hassle and will cost you more.

2. The scent is too strong.


I will give L 'oreal Re-Nourish Cleansing Wipes a PERFECT POGI POINTS 5/5 ✓ :)

Mr. Pogi says:

I never thought I would love wipes. I will try searching for wipes like this which is available locally. AGAIN, IF YOU USE WIPES ON FACE, MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS NO ALCOHOL CONTENT. :)

I would recommend this product for everyone.

Men- if you feel oily or too much dirt on your face, a piece of this will help you. :)

Women- it will definitely remove your makeup. You don't have to worry for breakouts. :)

Have you ever tried wipes or makeup remover?? Share your stories below!! :)

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