The Truth about Kamuka Japanese L-Glutathione Complex

Before I even begin with my review, I’d just want to address and clarify the assumption that you have about this product, since a lot of you my Kamukha have been contacting me and asking me about this particular product regarding if I’m affiliated with it somehow or whether if I’m the owner or co-owner of the brand  hahaha. But to be honest with you… I am not. I am not in any way affiliated or connected with the Kamuka brand and their product namely the Kamuka Japanese L-Glutathione Complex. Although I only came to know about this due to the multiple questions that were hurled right at me without ceasing hahahaha. Thus with passion and curiosity, let’s begin with our review.

Now, what can we say about Kamuka L-Glutathione? This product is from a local brand called NDGP Cosmetics, and the most notable aspect of the product is that it is FDA approved! Before trying out any product that concerns your health, being FDA approved is one of the most important things that you should consider, and this product has done and passed all the necessary requirements that ensures your safety as a consumer, yet it is still wise to consult a physician if you happen to experience any signs and symptoms of discomfort. 

This product showcases 5 powerful ingredients namely, 1) Japanese L-Glutathione (300 mg); 2) Collagen (100mg); 3) Vitamin C (100 mg); 4) Rosehip (25 mg); 5) Camu camu (25 mg); all of which promise to brighten your skin, help with skin aging, and provide you with antioxidants that will aid in preventing skin damage. Additionally, two of the highlights of this product are the Rosehip and Camu camu that is said to benefit the heart, the liver, and mood too! 

Moving on with our Needs, Budget, and Formulation analysis, I personally think that Kamuka L-Glutathione will help you maintain your already fair skin along with the other health benefits that it promises to give. However, if your main concern and need is for skin whitening, perhaps there are other products out there in the market containing higher dosage of Glutathione to help you achieve that kind of need. The starting price starts around P390.00 pesos and breaking it down further costs P39.00 pesos per pill. The pricing is decent considering that they offer you a little less than 30 capsules to try first if it works for you.

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I personally tried Kamuka L- Glutathione Complex for about 4 days. I took it every after meal during the day, for if you're hyper acidic like me, it is [preferably best to take it every after meal once a day. It went well for a couple of days, but I abruptly ceased taking it after it broke me on my 4th day. 

In the end, this product didn’t work well with my skin. This just might be my subjective experience, but all in all, this product is FDA approved, well formulated, and decently priced. 

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