Venus Fine Pure White Or just Venus, fine? An Honest Review on Fine Pure White

It’s been a while, hi there! I’m back on it again with another honest review, and this time I’ll be reviewing this product that you’ve been suggesting/requesting - Venus Fine Pure White. It is within my knowledge and awareness that numerous vloggers or influencers have been raving about this product and so the majority of you have! Haha, but in all honesty, this product really seems to be promising! The price for this supplement astonishingly starts at only P295.00, and it’s also FDA approved. Wow! However, we should hold our horses and always first consider and ask ourselves three main things, namely what our needs are, the budget that we have, and the formulation that is necessary in order for us to meet our goal, and also don’t forget, the very most important of all is to first consult your physician before taking any supplements.

In this case, let us now move on with our review of Venus Fine Pure White. Initially, I too am a bit confused as to what it actually claims to give. Nevertheless, it all boils down again to your own goal and what you want to achieve.

Now, looking at the packaging, the front facade already presents four of the main ingredients that it champions namely L-Glutathione in free-form (200gm); Collagen (Bavine 200mg); N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC, 50 mg) and; Ascorbic Acid (50mg). And the most remarkable aspect of the packaging is the inclusion of all the information and details of the product and what each capsule might contain. All the information that can be found at the back are the nutritional facts, formulation or ingredients list and seal from the FDA. But you might ask, what does this product claim to do? Is it mainly for whitening or for or for skin repair and elasticity?

Well, in my honest opinion and how I observed it, I believe it focuses mainly on both, it somehow lies in the middle or soft spot between helping you maintain a fair skin and also help aid in skin regeneration and repair. It kind of acts as a supplement or rather a multivitamin if you’d ask me, it may not do much if you’re looking for drastic changes, but it might help you maintain your already glowing skin, and not to mention that this is very affordable with the starting price of P295.00, what could you ask for more? A packet contains 30 capsules that might last you 15 days if you opt in taking 2 capsules a day. Which seems decent.

In my very own experience, I took Venus Fine Pure White for 15 days and finished the whole capsule. And suffice it to say, it did not break me out! There’s not much difference that it did on my skin after finishing a whole pack, but that doesn’t mean to say that it’s not effective, what works for you might not work for me, and this is purely based on my experience. If you’d like to know a detailed explanation on my experience and thoughts about the product, I do suggest that you watch my vlog review :D.

In the end, my verdict is… it’s so, so. It’s a decent product that will help you maintain your glowing skin.

If you’d personally want to try it out yourself and give it a shot, here are links to legitimate shopee shops:

Lazada Philippines